Family & Adult


Support engaged and married couples as they transition into a new journey as one.

Mature Adults

Provide a forum for educating mature adults (persons aged 55 and over) on topics such as personal health and safety, promote physical and emotional socialization, provide social services to lessen some of the financial burdens of mature adults.


Provides a spiritual, educational and social support system for disciples challenged with the responsibility of parenthood.

United Men’s Ministry

Create a framework of vital relationships among our men that will intentionally reconcile them to God and each other.

Women’s Ministry

Create a framework of vital relationships among our women to seek God, find purpose, share our love and serve one another.

Young Adults Ministry

Supports the young adult community during the transitional years; from teenagers through college-aged and finally young adult.

God’s Property First

Our mission is to equip our congregation and community with the biblical principles and practices necessary to be good stewards over all the Lord has blessed us with. God’s Property First will begin with a focus on financial empowerment.

There will be several components including:

  • Monthly workshops
  • Small group Bible study
  • One-on-one coaching with financial experts
  • A church resource library of financial tools