Christian Education Ministry

Church School

Committed to educating, developing and empowering our youth.
Meeting Time: Saturdays – 10am – 12:30pm; (lunch served)

Adult Bible Classes

Strives to implement a biblically based curriculum that nourishes and equips our disciples with tools for effective ministry.
Meeting Times: Wednesdays – 6:30 pm, Saturdays – 10:15, Sundays – immediately following morning worship

Youth Bible Class

Strive to implement a biblically based curriculum that nourishes and equips our young disciples with teachings that will help them face challenges in today’s world.
Meeting Times: Sundays – immediately following morning worship

Vacation Bible School

Provides an opportunity for children, teens, young adults and adult disciples of First Baptist Church and the surrounding churches and community to learn more about God, connect with others, and nurture fellowship through fun, music, games, skits, crafts and more.

SAT Prep

Prepare our young disciples, ages 16-18, for the challenges of testing for the SAT examination.

MENTOR Program

Strives to improve the academic achievement, self-esteem and social competence of students challenged by educational coursework.

Education Committee

A selected committee of disciples formed to review, interview, evaluate and identify the recipients of the many scholarships that FBC offers.

Technology Center

To educate and provide awareness to the FBC membership on the safe use of technology, as well as provide basic computing principles. The Technology Center consists of nine workstations, a printer and a variety of computer learning software packages available for all age groups.

Health Ministry

Works to glorify God and to edify persons in the church and the community through health education and by directly or indirectly assisting persons in need of health attention, especially during all types of worship services.